Dec 4, 2019


The long drive keeps going, the hill continues to climb to the peaks of it’s rolling neighbours. The air is damp and the kangaroos jump through the fog as they hear the roar of my diesel car pulling its weight. Squeals of delight leave my mouth in high decibels as I pull up to the top and the 360 degree views on this private property are filled with glorious, glorious fog… So much fun to play with as a Photographer.

Alita and Lawrie have asked me to come and do a family photoshoot at their Air BnB property, Temple Farmhouse, in Byron Bay hinterland around 10 minutes from Bangalow. In Alita’s words, ‘a celebration. Something to look back on and say as a family, we created that, enjoyed it, grew and learned together all while making a space for the boys to flourish’. Nice!

Murdoch, 5 years young with his cheeky grin and styling’ cap just wants to tell me everything that could possibly fit into a 1 hour gap. Meanwhile Magnus, is adamant that shoulder rides are the only way he will be getting around for this fine hour, and that we did… Because we always roll with the bosses orders to keep the peace.

I’m so honoured, with this woman’s taste of style evident in this home, that she chose me to photograph their families time, and celebrate!

Want to celebrate your own family with photos to look back on?

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  1. Amy Matvejev says:

    These are so incredibly beautiful