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Oct 29, 2020


If I get a dude in a field dressed up in Sunday best, every creative bone in my body freezes.
I see family sessions as incorporating a piece of what you love into the mix. And in this family’s case… Jason’s beloved Falcon was the winner. Think Australiana…

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Families, gloria presets, PRESETS

Sep 11, 2020


Gloria presets are the newest pack that hug your imperfections like your Ma does. They are poetic yet nostalgic. Easy on the eye with a nod to film. With 6 colour and 2 black and white presets included, they were designed to give a good nudge to yesteryear and the boxes of round edged photos found in the attic of your folks house.

We truly believe, that they are the only presets on the market that not only look good, but smell like home.

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gloria presets, PRESETS