Jul 7, 2020


A few years back I was deep in the trenches of overworking. Burning at both ends. My photography had taken off hard and fast and not only was I saying yes to way too much, I had some brands taking advantage of the new girl with a camera who would bend over backwards. I didn’t know how to say no. I was exhausted. Depleted and completely lost who I was. I didn’t know how to connect with my daughter at that point . Everything was in autopilot and it effected my life and relationships heavily.

I remember standing in the kitchen one morning, wondering if saying no was the right thing to do. Looking to the universe….. “God? Is there a god? Sorry I don’t really believe in you but, fuck man, I really could do with a sign right now”. I put away my pleads and went on with my day.

As we left the front gate and headed to the car. Lunchbox packed, hurrying along, arms full, stress levels overflowing; my daughter called ‘mummy’. In the heat of the moment and frustrated with life I turned with a long and whiny ‘whaaaaaat Lucy!’

She stood, holding a flower. Hand in the air offering me blossoming. Time paused for what felt like a minute. Maybe longer. I started at her. I felt every bit of guilt shutter through me. But I took that VERY CLEAR sign and I ditched the shit that didn’t serve me. Sometimes the lessons life are painted in the most beautiful yet painful ways.

It clicked somewhere around there that, while perhaps not the exact story, maybe less intense, or even so… more, that other mums needed to slow down and that this is something I could do through the power of photography, even for an hour just to be. To settle in the unplugged and open the space to immerse.

This particular Muma muse session, with its nostalgic vibes and sense of wonder came from the mum realising that they literally had to dig through the camera roll just to find a photo of her and the kids.

If there is anything you deserve to honour, it’s being you as a Muma and rocking it. Make the time. Do the one hour out of your life. Slow down. I’ve got you.


All photos from this session edited with Gloria preset pack – coming soon.

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