Mar 8, 2019


Sarah and Ben originally had me booked for another date, but the universe had other plans, that would eventuate into a tiny bebe by the name of Koa leaving them to reschedule their wedding.

But there was something in the air on this new found day. Literally. With fires blazing inland, a haze swept across the whole of the northern rivers leaving it with a soft warm glow, the perfect scene for some love under the fig tree.

From the moment I drove in the gates of Tooraloo Farm Stay, just 5 minutes from the iconic Farm and 10 minutes to Byron Bay, I was squealing with delight. I’m not kidding either, old, quirky stuff gives me butterflies! I pulled up outside a tin cladded cottage greeted by dogs running free.. walked inside and soaked in the most eclectic space imaginable. Treasures everywhere! Screw minimalism!

Sarah greeted me with a smile showing her gap in the front teeth. She was quirky and real, interesting, and gob smackingly beautiful. To cap it, she swore like a sailor, and had the dry British humour… She’s my kinda gal.

The ceremony itself was laced with beautiful blooms by the bride herself (gypsy and bloom) with the help of her Mother. The entire location had rustic, weathered timber and the lack of pretentious mixed with Hummingbird’s food truck grub made for one of the best weddings i’ve seen to date.

I LOVED this wedding. I loved this location. I freaking loved this couple!!

Check it out!

Lauren x

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  1. Renee says:

    This is just beautiful…. made me really emotional – I felt like I was there!

  2. kendell says:

    omg legit dying for this wedding!!! So gorgeous, such beautiful work!