Feb 1, 2019


I remember seeing photos of Brooke from years ago… dressed in vintage rocking the street like an absolute queen. So when it came to finding the right person to shoot at Brunswick Picture House, I knew she was my gal. With pops of red and retro EVERYTHING, I’ve always wanted to get creative here other than just dragging my daughter along.

Brooke is magic in herself. If you haven’t checked out Various Friends yet, you probably should!! “Influenced by the hidden words of the stars and the tides of the moon, Various Friends draws upon the traditional language of astrology to inspire young and old. We are magical creatures each with a unique poem written inside of us. Our collections draw upon the emotions and the psychology behind astrology and through art, we can share this philosophy. Each piece is designed with the intended purpose of a new insight that is only written in the stars…”

Yep…. You can order a book written purely for your child based on their astrology and birth chart!

Fortunately we had Brooke’s mum there to lend a hand and do an ice cream run for the kids, Clancy and Banjo to make the whole scene just that bit more real! I LOVE getting creative with my shoots and if you’re after something that isn’t the norm… Please tell me, because this is where I thrive and I would love to make something unique for you!!

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