Nov 6, 2017

Nikki & Josh // Byron View Farm Wedding

A mid winters dream.. Picture sitting there a couple of months prior and deciding to get married. You’ve created a life together, journeyed through parenthood together, but while life slipped away and the everyday chaos continued, making the magic come together for a day that celebrates you was put at the back of the priority list… Until now. 
Nikki & Josh conjured up one of the most heart felt Weddings that i’ve seen and with the help of some of Byron Bay’s all time vendors, it was one that reflected this couple and what they are all about in the best of ways. Humble, calm & genuine. 
When I turned up to Byron View Farm, this little fam were there in the historic cottage, the four of them, getting ready together. It wasn’t your ‘usual’ getting ready scenario, which made it all the more sincere. Ari was fast asleep, engulfed in the sea of his parents bed wrapped in blue linen. His sister, Sybella, greeted me at the door with rosy cheeks & a braid adorned in flowers an feathers, just like Mum. 
It was somewhere between the TV snacks and the sense of composure of this family that this sense of nostalgia hit me. I watched them in awe as they worked as a team. Getting their kids dressed together. Taking a moment to sit on the verandah and watch Sybella play while eating a sandwich.. It was simplicity in it’s finest form and for anyone to watch it unfold would have shown what this marriage thing is all about… Together and whole heartedly. 

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