Apr 24, 2018


There is nothing quite like those last days as a family of three.. 
Cherished, sentimental, yet filled with excitement of what’s to come. 

I’m in love with this family and maternity shoot with Claire, Andy and Poppy as they near the welcoming of Daisy Mae into their world. Even more so when the family embraces me getting weird with my camera and free lensing, making for some cool, arty, and dreamy type photos. 

Something that I always try and encourage my families to do is to pick an activity that you would normally do together. A scene, to tell your story. It also helps with the ol’ awkward photo nerves when a camera is pointing at you if you’re busy having fun!

I know personally that the things that I remember from my childhood aren’t the days spent relentlessly inside in the routine, it was the adventures that we went on, the ‘out of the box’ days that we spent together, the Sundays at the beach, fishing by the river, exploring, camping trips and and the times when my parents were switched off from every day life and present in the moment. 

So I hope, that one day when Poppy is all grown up, this family can look back on these photos at one of their favourite spots, the Tea Tree Lake, and remember exactly how it felt to have the water beading off their skin, the grins on Poppy’s face as she plays in the water, the exact way that her Mumma wrapped her up like a burrito and held her tight when she got cold… 

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