Jan 27, 2018


I’m a preacher. A preacher of the love variety. The name of my business Love Her Wild comes from the hopes that YOU love them wild.. your family, your partner, your chaos, your passions. To just love everything wild. 

The Kearns family wanted their family photoshoot with the green rolling hills and a hazy sunset. Mel grew up in the country after all. This little location on a hill behind Byron Bay seemed to be the perfect fit for this family to run free with Moose the dog.

This particular location, i’ve shot at before but haven’t had the opportunity to do a session their with a family who were SO willing and comfortable. Some of these photos are my all time favourites and while I can’t pick apart why too much without sending myself nuts, I do know that a hugely large part of it was that they just had fun (with the possibility of a butt crack flash).

Letting go of getting the perfect photo and just enjoying themselves made them naturally just LOVE on each other. They snuggled into each others curves and fitted their hands together so organically that anyone watching wouldn’t doubt for a second, that they are a besotted family. 

Completely unplugged for an hour and LOVING EACH OTHER WILD… The Kearns family are well and truly my jam! 


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