Sep 11, 2020


Today marks one week since the Gloria preset pack launched. And once again we’ve been blown away by how they have been received.
As an artist, I personally have poured every bit of soul into these for the past year. Perfecting them. Tweaking them. Testing them on every single lighting scenario and across a broad range of cameras.
Just when I thought I had it nailed, I scoured through my mothers photos from her younger days and studied every detail. Then I went back to the drawing board and tweaked some more.
Gloria presets are the newest pack that hug your imperfections like your Ma does. They are poetic yet nostalgic. Easy on the eye with a nod to film. With 6 colour and 2 black and white presets included, they were designed to give a good nudge to yesteryear and the boxes of round edged photos found in the attic of your folks house.

We truly believe, that they are the only presets on the market that not only look good, but smell like home.

Because in the words of one of our users, ‘they do something magic to photos you would otherwise pass by, and suddenly make you feel’.

So, with all the testing, and retesting and finalising, and getting others to test them and make sure they are prefect. You still don’t know how it will turn out for everyone and I can SO happily say, that as the week rolled by, I got stupidly excited to see just how much everyone not only loved the newest pack, but how freaking cool they look on everyones photos! Good grief, what a feeling!

So to those wondering if they will work for you or how they might look…. Here is a JUICY blog post of pics featuring photos sent in by our users. If before and afters tickle your fancy too, there are a bunch in there! Make sure you scroll through to the end to admire all the talent.

This week has been…. GLORIOUS!



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