Oct 31, 2019


Marissa originally wanted me to photograph her and her family in a local abandoned house covered in graffiti, but her husband wanted to have the family photos done in the home. Both are excellent options but when I turned up and saw this pink cottage as their home right in the heart of Byron Bay, I wasn’t complaining!
As I approached the fence, bulldogs and a sausage dog named Coco, Gigi and Betty greeted me. So very photogenic… All of it.
Marissa, David and the four kids spilled out onto the front steps. Posing unnecessary, documentary approach seeping through my veins wanting to chime in, I squeezed myself against the fence and snapped away as the interactions unfolded.

Eventually we made our way inside where the walls, floor, cupboards, ceilings, cornices, curtains, furniture, appliances….. and every single other nook had character. Just like it’s owners.
The kids did their thing and showed me the rooms and hung out, Dad sat at the table with a cuppa and Marrissa cruised around like the queen she is. I could have stayed there for hours longer capturing all of the details of them in their home! I loved meeting them. I loved photographing them in their home (especially now they no longer live there, but can always look back at these photos). It wasn’t stressful or intense, we just hung out and chatted and I took photos as it happened with a little direction.
It was exactly how in home photoshoots should be.

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