Aug 2, 2019


I have a confession to make. I’ve been posting photos that I know will be well received on social media.

The truth is, a lot of us fall into that trap and go down the rabbit hole of pleasing others. And the knock on effect is scratching to get back out – aka: creative blocks, unidentified style and losing your way. I feel that Instagrams new trial of removing the ability to see the amount of likes has wrecked havoc on the creatives brains, in a good way. No longer is the fear of being judged eminent and instead replaced with the notion of positive introspection because it’s ok to just be you. 

You see, I have thousands upon thousands of photos that have never left my Lightroom catalogue. Ones that I adore. Ones that you will never see because sometimes personal projects need to stay that way, personal. But then there’s the offbeat images that don’t get seen. Sure, they get delivered to the client. But they don’t get posted in that over analyzed square. The problem for me is, these off beat images happen to be my favourite ones. I recently sat down and did a quick scan over. I marked the images that made me feel and jumped at me. The ones that aren’t the money shot. The ones that probably wouldn’t get all of the engagement on the gram. What sucks the most is that my job is to encourage others to be themselves and display their art from the heart, yet I fall into the pattern of letting it go myself. And anyone who knows me, knows that offbeat is basically my life. So why should I be showing this art, that runs straight through my veins as a misrepresentation?! 

This blog is to showcase the weird and wonderful ‘forgotten ones’. The images that I have dishonoured by never showing. The ones that deserve a place front and center because they are the true me. This blog is to show my clients that these are the reasons why they should hire me. I want others to book a session for ART, for my creativity. Chosen and loved for the cropped arms and the weird angles and the off composition – over the ideal shot. This blog is also to remind all the other photographers out there to not fall down the hole. Or at least to remind them that there’s a way to get back out. Because unless you do 100% you, the point of all this loses its magic. 

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