Jun 15, 2020


What the heck are mobile presets for Lightroom and who can use them?

A preset is kind of like a filter which you can apply onto your photos to get a particular colour, tone, mood and consistent look across your shots whilst also speeding up their workflow and editing time. My Golden Days Presets thus far have been available exclusively to those with desktop applications of Lightroom and Photoshop. With the ability to now cater to anyone and everyone who owns a phone, I thought it was important that I explain to anyone wondering what mobile presets are.

Maybe you’re a seasoned pro and know that you need these presets for editing on the go with the ease of doing it on your phone! Maybe you are a photographer with loads of knowledge but are wondering what the heck mobile presets are for and maybe, you are someone with a phone who just wants a kick ass, easy edits on your phone snaps of your kids/holiday/interiors/pottery/fashion label/selfies/plants/puppy/coffee…. so that you can make your photos golden, baby!

With the Golden Days mobile preset pack now available, you will gain consistency and have the same look across your photos (and insta feed). Be able to tweak and edit and adjust rather than being stuck with a one way edit. There are no subscriptions and once you have them in your hot little hands, they are yours to use forever within the Lightroom mobile app!

Check out these before and afters sent in from followers and see the magic unfold for yourself!


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