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Dad Vibes: The Ultimate Handbook for Getting Dads on Board in Family Photos and Emotionally Invested.

Are you ready to ditch the posed, AWKWARD  family photos and inject some real emotion into your memories? My 35-page ebook, Dad Vibes, is here to help you do just that! This edgy and badass handbook is packed with tips and tricks to help you get dads on board and emotionally invested in your family photos. From self-reflection journalling prompts to communicating with your clients and my best tips for killer shots, this ebook has everything you need to create some truly epic memories. With 30 image examples and tricks to get more of a story, emotion, and ease with prompts, you'll be well on your way to trading the awkward moments some beautiful memories that make both you and the whole family stoked. 
 Order now and let's get you some magic dad goods in your life!

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'Woweeeeee. What a huge delivery! Can not imagine hours spent to pull this together. Such a massive and valuable resource. I love the deep breakdown you’ve provided eg. “ the juxtaposition, the window, the journey… etc” incredibly well mapped out. Such a thoughtful tool for our photographers bag of tricks. Thank you xx ' 



I feel like this community has been another step closer on my journey home, back to myself, relearning what it means to trust my own intuition and unique way of seeing the world. Seeing everyone open up and speak their wild encourages me to do the same. And this is only beginning. It’s going to get so good.

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