Oct 29, 2020


I love my weird, arty photography. It’s the fuel to my passion. But there is a VERY large line drawn between motherhood shots and exploring everything woman with the flow of a dress and bare skin, and a family shoot. Be it maternity or not. For me, I love dressing a woman in a stunning location and getting crafty, but I feel like this is a sacred practice and (sorry) not the place for a man. If I get a dude in a field dressed up in Sunday best, every creative bone in my body freezes.
What I can do and love doing though for family sessions, is incorporate a piece of what you love into the mix. And in this family’s case… Jason’s beloved Falcon was the winner.
So for this chill afternoon maternity/family shoot in Lennox Head think…. Australiana.. .. The real us. Denim loving, dirt in your crevices and dry bush as the back drop. If only I thought to include a pair of stubbies and a can of VB… Never mind. She’ll be right, mate!
This was the first time I used the Gloria presets on an entire session. And I have to say, I think they were a match made in heaven! Get them here if they tickle your fancy.

If you would like a swirly, dreamy motherhood session, i’m here.
If you would like a family session – think about how you can include your lifestyle into the shoot.. Get in the water, go camping, surf as a family, bring your pimped out ride (old cars preferred, sorry), jump off the local bridge into the water, ride your horses or head out to a favourite farm spot. Let’s be not awkward anymore, together.

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