Feb 6, 2018

THE O TRIBE // Byron Bay’s loved up family

I am so excited to share these pics from this session. I’ve wanted to photograph Amy and her family for ages. It was when she first moved over to the Byron Hills from Perth that I noticed her. A Doula, not just by trade but by heart (see for yourself at Earth Bound Babies), I was instantly drawn to her tenderness and gentle nature. I had photographed her kids before for Olli Ella and they were so calm and patient. Their Dad, Kemal, belts out tunes on his guitar as the kids surround him and chime in, sitting on the rustic floors of their weatherboard house. But it’s when I got the opportunity to do the shoot as a double up with my mentoring session for Laura from La Lumiere Photo that it finally all came together.  

It’s just the all round calming, authentic nature that I absolutely adore about this family. Their realness. Their friendliness. Their open hearts and genuine excitement about living in the area that is just so damn captivating! 

Laura herself is such a highly skilled Photographer who it bursting at the seems with creativity. Her passion to create is going to make some serious waves and I for one would be absolutely stoked to have Laura photograph my own family!! 

So a thank you. A thank you to Laura for coming and spending the day with me to learn how I do my art, for connecting with me and investing in mentoring for her art! And to the Osmanhodzic family, for letting us come to their home and being their truest, most heartfelt selves. 

I am so so grateful! 

Lauren x

Some words from Laura
“Recently I was lucky enough to mentor with who I believe to be Australias best photographer. Coming from a lifestyle photography background and having mentored and taken many workshops over the years it was so refreshing and ultimately so enlightening to have this experience. To see Lauren work is a wonder in itself, she seems to have all senses switched on at all times and her approach whilst so calm and at times relatively quiet is effortlessly successful. She is actually taking the roll of the master observer. Lauren is capable of mastering light, shadow and client connection all in one hit and it is almost magical to watch and be part of it. She works effortlessly with the client and reads each one so perfectly and manages to keep control of the session without actually demanding any sort of attention or direction. It was the greatest learning experience I have had in recent years and I have come away feeling overwhelmingly inspired and full of creativity. Lauren is a passionate photographer and is full of heart and love which is evident in her final images but extends to her entire process. I honestly wish I could tag along to all of her sessions. I would recommend this workshop to all photographers of all skill levels.” 

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  1. Elke Suba says:

    Wow!!! Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful pics of an absolute beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️