Dec 31, 2017

Love Her Wild // BEST of 2017 – A recap

2017.. You threw me a curve ball. 
I didn’t expect it to throw me in so deep, into a mill of churning madness . High highs and low lows… bla bla bla. 

In all seriousness, this year spat me out at the end more reflective than i’ve ever been. It’s made me question who on earth I am and what the heck my purpose is on a deeper scale than I thought possible, and it’s thanks to all of those ‘high high’s and low low’s that I have a grasp of what it is exactly that I want in life. 

Photography wise, I had moments that hit me hard. Photoshoots that were so heavy that the business side of it fogs up and departs your brain leaving your soul touched to the core, tears when you leave and get in your car. I photographed a day with a family where the Father was dyeing of cancer and the Mum of three boys wanted photos to remember their time by. I donated a session to a little girl who needed life saving surgery. Eventually someone saw those images, they struck a chord and they donated enough money to cover all of the costs to get this little girl over to America. It saved her life. 

This gig is more than a business. It’s more than just taking photos. It is me pouring every little bit of what i’ve got, into a shoot. It’s loving each and every second of meeting people who open up their homes to me. Their lives. Their families. The most important day of their lives. I am SO grateful. 

But giving it all you’ve got sometimes leaves you depleted too. Finding that oh so important family time. Balancing Mum life and work life… I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. That shit is hard! Something that i’m determined to get as right as I can and to be content with, especially in my daughters last year before she goes to school. 

I started weddings in March and i’ve had my work featured three times in Hello May. I feel proud. Proud because I wanted something and I made it happen. Proud because I absolutely pack it before shooting a wedding and yet people keep on liking it, that’s just so damn cool! But I pack it because I care. I pack it because you guys MATTER to me and at the end of the day, there’s nothing a little rescue remedy (or a few beers) can’t help with, am I right?! 

My work was published both Nationally and Internationally and not only were my images published in Real Living Magazine, but the feature was on me and this awesome little life that I’ve created. It still blows my freaking mind. If you look closely enough in the article, you’ll find my undies hanging off the old hills hoist. Because I’m classy like that. 

There are also exciting things happening.. I am rolling out mentoring. Yep! As of 2018 I will be offering mentoring for photographers.

I will be teaching a short course on ‘capturing raw nature of a wedding day in a unique and powerful way’ through Unraveled Academy

And a few other little things up my sleeve that I can not wait to share with you! 

All in all it’s not bad for a chick who dropped out of school at 14.  

They say that you’ll find the right path when you’re ready and I get this inkling feeling that i’m on the right one. It’s time. And my oh my 2018… I’m coming for you clear, intentionally, slowly, mindfully, soulfully, balanced and with all of my Phillips abundance. 


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