Dec 23, 2017

MUSING // Lauren Phillips on Love Her Wild Photography

Sometimes I feel like people (including myself) get tired of the same old beach shots. But then again, there is this simplicity. This negative space. This mind clearing that takes place and it’s something that I want to not only practice next year, but make happen with abundance. I’m feeling strongly reflective of it and actually pretty excited to have that balance! 

And so here we have it .. My last little shoot for 2017.. Lucy in some of Fabled Folk‘s genuinely gorgeous hand made and sustainable threads. 
A moment of creativity. Of stopping. Of looking through that lens and taking in all of those tiny things like a wisp of hair, to the sand clinging to her legs… Just for me, because I can and because this little muse of mine fuels all that I do. Everything that I have done and continue to do, is all for this tiny human that holds my heart. 

Lauren x 

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