Jan 10, 2018

Lotte, Lia-Belle & Opi make three // Family in home Photography

Love Her Wild // Byron Bay Family Photographer

Let’s go back a bit.. to a day that I turned up at the old farm house in Clunes to photograph Lotte and Lia-Belle, pregnant, bebe pending, for a blog story for Children of the Tribe. 
I hadn’t ever met these two before and I didn’t have a lot of experience photographing couples at the time. But what I did know when I came in, was that these people exude warmth and elegance, with a rocking twist. 
Now bring us back to today, well a couple of months ago.. And Opi has made her appearance earthside. Doing all the things that make a Muma’s life change in a way that they could never have fathomed. She is making everyone in her presence absolutely besotted with her. 
Why do I adore this family so much? It’s not just their style and gorgeous home and all of the furniture designed by themselves for WORN store… It’s the energy. 
It’s the openness. It’s how they write about each other on instagram and it’s there lack of giving a fuck and gazing at each other. 
I honestly wish, that every person in this world had a relationship where there partner shows them respect and adoration, that they deserve (!!) like these people give each other. 
Going back and shooting at their home again was interesting, I could go back and do things differently. My whole intention was to not get caught up in getting the perfect image or having the best light. I WANTED shadows and depth and imperfection. I didn’t want to expose the crap out of the images, I wanted to tell a story. In its most authentic way. One that not only I see, that I feel. 

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